18 June 2010

LF: Great Books for Intermediate Readers

I'm taking a second from my reviews to ask you for some of yours...I'm looking for ideas about texts for intermediate readers (aged 11 - 13) that will engage my students, get them to think critically about things and people, make them laugh, etc.

Any advice you have would help me out, but please no "books for girls" or "books for boys".  I find these detestable.

Thanks a lot! 



  1. Hey Lady!
    CUTE BLOG! I think it's awesome that you've started one up - and you've obviously been a read-a-holic lately :) I love it!
    One of my favourite authors is doing her "Beach Reads Review" that she does every summer, and I guess her Kindle has thrown in a few YA books. One that she recommends is "The Opposite of Me" by Sarah Pekkanen". Maybe worth looking into? She describes it as being about sibling rivalry and personal reinvention with strong character development. Let me know if/how it works out!

  2. ooh thanks lady - it is hard to find good books that I like (and I guess are interesting for students too...) that feature character development. I will definitely check it out :)