LJ's Review Policy

I absolutely adore reviewing books and I especially enjoy reading:
  • biographies / memoirs
  • philosophy
  • education
  • young adult
  • mystery / thrillers
  • society
  • literary fiction
I would like to say thanks to anyone considering me as a reviewer.  Still interested??? Here's some more info:
  • Books from publishers will be a first priority (I try to review new books within 3 weeks)
  • I am not interested in reading books featuring religious propaganda, diet / weight-loss trends, etc.
  • Any review on this page is my opinion and nothing more.  I try to include one quote from the text at the end of each review, as well as the general plotline of the book.  
  • Books that I review are rated from 1 to 5.
  • I try to include links to purchase the book, as well as links to the author / book website if possible.
Still need more info??  Contact me at ljreviewstew at gmail dot com