29 July 2010

BOOKS IN FILM: The Pillars of the Earth by K. Follett

Just a heads up to anyone who doesn't know...The Pillars of the Earth 6 part miniseries is airing on the movie network (click here for showtimes / schedules).

We've PVR'ed the first 2 episodes and I'm waiting until I have them all to watch in a huge marathon of awesomeness...Here's the trailer if you're not hooked yet :)

PS - Check out some of the casting!

Rufus Sewell as Tom Builder

Eddie Redmayne as Jack Jackson

Donald Sutherland as Bartholomew

Comments - Rufus is usually the bad guy...can we love him as Tom Builder?  Jack is way too handsome to be the awkward young man in the book.  And Donald??? Right on :)

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