20 August 2010

REVIEW: The Complete Persepolis by M. Satrapi

Author:  M. Satrapi
Genre / Pages:  Nonfiction, memoir / 341
Publication: Pantheon Books, 2004
Rating:  Bottom shelf 
Source:  Chapter's Indigo
lj's plot in one pot:  This graphic novel features the coming-of-age of Marjane, during the turbulent Islamic Revolution in Iran.

I wanted to like this book...I really did.  Perhaps the graphic aspect made important and tragic events seem trivial, or maybe I'm just super desensitized, but I wasn't moved at all.
The book starts with Marjane as a young child, revealing how Iran used to be, before the Islamic Revolution.  It details her life when she left (for safety and better educational opportunities) for Austria, and her return to Iran.  The author tries to both inform the reader about the Islamic Revolution and give her thoughts about it.  
I'm finding myself with a loss for words (which, if you know me at ALL, indicates a profound moment)...I just simply didn't really like the book.  One redeeming quality was that occasionally, throughout the book, the author/graphic design artist would really let loose and give us a tiny masterpiece (I found these rare gems more moving than any of the text).  This is not the greatest example, but here is one little taste:
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