06 July 2010

REVIEW: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by S. Larsson

Title:  The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Author:  S. Larsson
Genre / Pages:  Fiction,  Mystery/ 841
Publication: Penguin Group Canada, 2009
Rating:  2nd shelf  
Source:  Borrowed from a friend
lj's plot in one pot: A deeply troubled (tattooed) girl and a disgraced journalist join forces to battle fraud and murder.

Meh...I was lent this from a family friend, and well all I can say is that I finished it.  For the first fifth of this (rather lengthy - see previous post) book, I felt like I was listening to an elderly man telling me half remembered stories of his youth.  It took FOREVER to get started.  Once the plot truly began, I could begin to enjoy this bookThe author creates interesting, but more importantly, real characters.  I felt as though I've met people like the main characters in my life.  I question the title of the book, as the infamous girl play (in my mind) a minor role.  

My problem with the book was that although I cared about one (smallish) aspect of the novel, I really didn't need to know what happened with regards to any love interest, certain plot aspects (Wennerstrom).  Once I finally neared the end, I was surprised and disappointed that the very plot lines that I had skimmed through in the beginning of the book, were going to be used to wrap the book up!  All this being said, the book is definitely unique and different and it is this uniqueness that pushed it up from my bottom shelf.

You can find the author's website here

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