02 October 2010

A Little Less Review, A Little More Stew - Friday

This recipe (unlike Thursday's meal) is definitely a keeper.

The steak was delicious, except in the future, J and I both agreed that we would substitute rib eye for the Newark or sirloin that Real Simple suggests.  I tried to be authentic, so I did as the recipe asked, but we really found the cut of meat to be a lesser quality than what we like. 

The vegetables were DELICIOUS!  Simple; roasted carrots and red onions with a little olive oil and s & p, but hot coffee were they good!  The sauce for the meat and/or veggies was also very simple, it consisted of the meat juices, dijon mustard and a little white wine as well as tarragon.  Super yummy and different for us - we rarely put anything other than s & p on our steaks, so this warm, herby, sharp sauce was amazing!  I'm having my left over steak for lunch (in t-minus 10 minutes) and I can't wait!

J's comments were few (he was too busy enjoying the meal), but they did include this little gem:

"This is definitely going to work" (meaning for lunch the next day)
"But today is Friday, you're not working tomorrow"
"Well, let's make this again on Sunday, so I can take the leftovers to work".

Mission accomplished :)

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