06 October 2010

A Little Less Review, A Little More Stew - Monday

I'm already falling a little behind!  Monday's meal was deliciously Mediterranean!  We made lamb meatballs and (although it called for couscous) quinoa with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions and feta.  J made the dressing (lemon juice and olive oil) which we drizzled over the whole shebang.

Neither of  us were SUPER impressed with lamb meatballs (couldn't really tell the difference from regular meatballs) but as a whole, the meal was amazing!  We both thought it could be even better if the ingredients were actually in season (the tomatoes were not at their best).  

Yesterday was a crazy day, and we ended up having leftovers from dinner at the parents, so no new meal was attempted...but my master plan for this bought of laziness is tonight, I'll cook two meals and freeze one so we can eat it for another day when we are feeling lazy (encore).

Anyway, here is a pic from our culinary attempts from Monday :)

J's comments:
"It's good, but only if you get a little of everything in your mouth at the same time"

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