06 October 2010

A Little Less Review, A Little More Stew - Wednesday

As I mentioned earlier, we totally bailed on Tuesday's dinner (so the plan was to cook double dinner tonight and freeze the second meal) and so we are already on Wednesday!

This meal sounded awesome, curry shrimp and rice...and I fully admit that the problem we had with this dish MAY have been nonexistent if we followed the recipe more faithfully.  We couldn't find snow peas OR bean sprouts at the grocery store on Sunday, so we decided to skip the bean sprouts and sub in edamame for snow peas.  Also, we used some precooked shrimp that we had in the freezer, instead of uncooked / deveined shrimp (as per recipe).

So I thought to myself, okay, you are making a lot of  changes, but you are aware of said changes and what they mean to things like cooking time, etc..., so self, we should be fine. 

I was wrong.  The shrimp got WAY overcooked, the edamame released a lot of liquid into the curry, so it stayed pretty runny.  The lime addition was great, as was the flavour of the curry (just not so much the texture).  We are willing to try this one again, but with the right ingredients.  
See how small the shrimp got???   J's sum up:
"Love ya...but this is a swing and a miss"

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