28 September 2010

A Little Less Review, A Little More Stew - Tuesday

So I'm already tweaking the plan!  Today was supposed to be some cheesy, eggplant-y delicious pasta meal, but my romaine was already starting to look a little ragged, so I made that recipe today (leaving me to look forward - read: DROOL to the pasta meal for another day).

Pretty easy meal (again).  Although I am a novice at making my own patties, I was surprised there was no "filler" in the form of bread crumbs, crackers or potato chips.  I have a feeling they are going to be MEATY!

Here are the three main parts:

So this is the romaine slaw that will be served on top of the burgs.  Simple dressing that consists of mayo, white wine vinegar and s & p.

Yum - raw meat!  All jokes aside, I'm proud of these rustic little babies!  They are extra lean ground turkey, chopped green onions, dijon, thyme leaves and s & p.
Here are the buns (I went for whole wheat) getting ready to be toasted.
And here is the finished product.  J's comments
"The most flavourful burger I've ever had"
To that I said:
"Really?  Like burger burger or turkey burger?"

His response:
"Burger burger.  I've never had a burger taste like that before."


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  1. PS - reheated for lunch the next day...ended up a little soggy. In the future I would heat up without slaw and add later (I am apparently really lazy at lunch - b/c that wasn't happening)