29 September 2010

A Little Less Review, A Little More Stew - Wednesday

 Today I was feeling less than Nigella, but thankfully, this meal was SUPER easy (and really only required chopping, boiling and heating things through).  The only tough part was the eggplant, because our knives seem to be rapidly growing dull and the eggplant needed to be chopped into 1/2 inch pieces. 

 After a bit of knifework (and 10 minutes of sauteing), I added the halved tomatoes, garlic, s & p, and red pepper flakes.  It looked so scrumptious, I had to capture it :)  This cooked for another 2-3 minutes while I dealt with the pasta.
So here we are again cutting board...I bested you once, and I will do it again!

Whilst the pasta was draining and the "sauce" was warming, I cut up 1/2 lb of mozzarella (which was not "fresh", as the recipe called for, but there was a limit to my searching abilities that day) and finely chopped some fresh mint (which, I learned later, was a waste of time).
And we have arrived at the finish line, intact (with all fingers accounted for - huzzah!).

Here is the final product, which tasted like a cheesy, tomato-y, minty dream.

J was NOT a fan of the mint, claiming that it was all he could taste / smell, so he carefully picked out the majority of the pieces (now THAT is patience).  I asked if he would add less mint if we were to make this again, and he said that he just wouldn't bother with it (especially if you would be buying mint for this recipe alone).

I would tend to agree, but I like the freshness of the mint, so I would keep it, but only if I had some lying around AND I would add a little less.  I would also add more red pepper flakes; they seemed non-existent as is.  

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  1. PS - At both of our workplaces, J and I were asked if our meals were takeout! Victory :)